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Watching and Imitating World Class Players

There are many ways #GarudaSelect players look for other references on playing football.

Apart from absorbing input and instructions from the coaching team, there are many ways #GarudaSelect players look for other references on playing football. One of them is watching their idols in action on the field. Not infrequently, they try to imitate what the idol does.

The #GarudaSelect striker, Faiz Maulana, said he idolizes Bayern Munich and the Polish national team member, Robert Lewandowski. Lewy's sharpness is the inspiration for Faiz to do the same and maximize the opportunities in front of the opponent's goal.

"He has good goal scoring instincts both at club and country level. I want to have sharpness like him. Several times I have shooting practice with the goalkeeper. Apart from that, I also still have to improve physically to be able to control the ball well like Lewandowski," said Faiz.

Apart from Faiz, the expertise of the green field stars is also an inspiration for other players. Elia Di Giuliomaria, admitted that he really admires the figure of Francesco Totti. This is certainly interesting because Elia did not grow up in the heyday of the Italian national team's living legend.

“Apart from having speed, Totti also has good quality of passing and that's what I like. Several times when I play, I try to imitate his way of sending long passes or imitating his movements in the opposing area. Francesco was really fantastic," Elia said.

From technical skills in the field, inspiration from world-class football players can also be obtained from other aspects. Putu Dipa, for example, admired Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of his hard work and fighting spirit.

“Our playing position is different. But I applaud his career, from being a nobody and now he is well known by many people. Ronaldo is really a competitive person and always wants to win," said Dipa.


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