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Indonesia's Best Talent Development Acceleration Program


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"Despite their impressive technical abilities, Indonesian players in general still lack the tactical understanding and awareness of the game. This would become increasingly visible as they join higher competitions.

The goal of this program is to bridge that gap and educate the players to prepare and continue their development as professional footballers at the higher level."

Dennis Wise

Director of Football Program Garuda Select.

The main objective of the Garuda Select Program is to grow professionalism in the best talents from all over the world so that they can develop in the world of professional football.

In each season the Garuda Select technical team selects the best talents from several countries to be intensively train in Europe, focusing on their mental, physical, technical, and tactical side of the game.

To be selected, the scouting team must saw their potential to develop in the future, and not only just the abilities they have for now.



Known as a former Chelsea and England captain, Dennis Wise also has a wealth of experience in an off-field role. As Player/Manager he led Milwall to qualify for the FA Cup final and had also won the Manager of the Month title several times with Swindon Town and Leeds United when he was a manager of both clubs.

One of his most useful experience for the Garuda Select Program is when he served as Director Of Football for Newcastle United, where his ability in finding and shaping the development of young talent is now being applied to fulfill the potential of players from all over the world.





Des Walker used to be one of England's most formidable pillars of defense, with more than 600 appearances in England's top flight and a key player during the 1990 World Cup in Italy. After his career ended, Des switched professions to become a coach, where he managed one of the junior teams at the Derby County academy.

Dennis chose to appoint Des as the Head Coach of the Garuda Select program because he has the ability to educate the understanding and application of good tactics, especially in defensive situations, which will really help accelerate the development of players from all over the world in the Garuda Select squad.



The Garuda Select program may only be experienced by the chosen players each year, but you don’t have to worry. MOLA will cover the lives of every players while they take part on it. 


So that those who haven't had the opportunity to take part in the activities and lessons learned by the Garuda Select players, can use it as inspiration and motivation to continuously improve their performance.


You can watch the episodes and also every minute of their match exclusively on MOLA. Download the app or visit the website now!

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