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Dustin Bramantio More Confident in Pursuing His Dream Career as a Professional Footballer

Defender Dustin Bramantio completed the third season of the #GarudaSelect program for approximately six months. According to Dustin, after joining the program, he has been making great progress.

"Before training in #GarudaSelect program under Coach Dennis Wise and Coach Des Walker my physical condition and muscle strength were not ideal for an athlete. Now, after returning home from England, I feel much stronger and that’s why I am also becoming more confident," said Dustin.

"I am not only physically better, currently I also have a better understanding about the game. The coaching team taught in details how to be a strong defender, such as how to effectively block and disrupt the opponent’s attack and to initiate and build attacks from the backline," added Dustin.

"Since joining the #GarudaSelect program, I have been increasingly convinced that I will become a professional football player. However, I also have to keep working hard to continuously develop myself. I am glad that Coach Jake Fitzsimmons provided a more extensive training program," said Dustin.

Dustin also talked about the benefits that young Indonesian players will get by participating in the #GarudaSelect program. "This is really a good program that can become a means for young Indonesian players to realize their dreams. As we all know, my seniors such as Bagus Kahfi, David Maulana, and Brylian Aldama have received professional contracts, and other Indonesian young footballers certainly hope to be able to follow in their footsteps," Dustin concluded.

Watch again Dustin's best actions in reruns of the #GarudaSelect match and enjoy the story behind the #GarudaSelect team's journey in the Dream Chasers Series at Mola.


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