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Noval hopes to be re-elected for the #GarudaSelect Season 4 Program

Various lessons and experiences from the #GarudaSelect program made him more self-confident.

Noval Junior Iskandar learned many things during his participation in the #GarudaSelect program in England. Noval still remembers how he participated in the #GarudaSelect selection. And comparing it to his current condition, now he realises how different he is now after learning for about six months in #GarudaSelect program in England. Various lessons and experiences from the #GarudaSelect program made him more self-confident. According to Noval, it is certainly an important character for him in order to become a professional player in the future.

"The difference when I left for England and after returning to Indonesia is that I now become more self-confident. Being coached by Dennis Wise and Des Walker and facing tough opponents in England helped to shape my competitive mentality," said Noval. "Besides that I also learned a lot to improve my footballing techniques and skills. The coach really helped me by teaching me how to play football properly and correctly," said Noval.

"The #GarudaSelect program is truly an experience that I can't forget. This program could be a path for me to continue training so that one day I can become a qualified professional soccer player. I have a dream to have a football career abroad like Brylian Aldama who succeeded to play in Croatia with HNK Rijeka," added Noval.

Noval has a message for young Indonesians who will soon have the opportunity to become the players of the fourth batch of #GarudaSelect. "My message is you should make the most of the opportunity if you are selected to join the fourth season #GarudaSelect program. You must always work hard to continue to develop yourself by taking advantage of all available facilities there. I really hope to be called up again by the coaching team to join the fourth season," Noval concluded.

Watch again Noval's best actions on the rerun of the #GarudaSelect match and enjoy the story behind the #GarudaSelect team's journey in the Dream Chasers Series at


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