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Joining Rijeka, David Maulana's Dream of Having a Career in Europe Comes True

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The captain of the first and second batch of #GarudaSelect, David Maulana ‘s dream of a career in Europe has just come true. On Friday (4/6) David will leave for Croatia to join HNK Rijeka and sign a 1.5-year contract with an option of one year extension.

"Thanks God, the preparations so far have been smooth. Physically and mentally, I am ready to go to Croatia. I have also prepared all necessary things to facilitate me adapting to the climate and weather there, such as bringing lots of clothes and a rather thick jacket. I can't wait to train and develop with Rijeka," said David.

The midfielder, who was also the captain leading the Indonesian U16 national team to win the AFF U16 Cup, admitted that he is not afraid of the challenges that he might face, thanks his experience with #GarudaSelect.

"I don't have a specific target yet. I'm actually more interested to see new things that I will learn there. It might be a surprise as well as a challenge for me. As Coach Des Walker often says, ``I shouldn't be afraid and feel inferior, but I have to be confident that I am always able to compete," he said.

David hopes to give the best and to make the people of Indonesia proud. In Rijeka, David will reunite with his former team mate at the #GarudaSelect and national team, Brylian Aldama. "Obviously I'm very happy to be back playing with Bri (Brylian's nickname). I've been asking him, for example, about football terms used in Croatian. I'm happy because there we can represent Indonesia as the alumni of the #GarudaSelect program, " added David.

David is the third #GarudaSelect alumnus getting the opportunity to have a football career on the blue continent, Europe. Besides Brylian, there is also Bagus Kahfi who is playing for FC Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Watch again David's best actions in the first and second batch of #GarudaSelect matches and enjoy the story behind the #GarudaSelect team's journey in the Dream Chasers Series at Mola.


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