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Roki's Big Dream with #GarudaSelect

#GarudaSelect defender Roki trained for about six months in England. The player, who was born on May 8, 2004 in Sambas, really hopes that he will be re-elected to participate in the fourth season of the #GarudaSelect program.

"My experience of joining #GarudaSelect has made me better in various aspects of the ability to play football. As a defender I become more disciplined in guarding the defensive area and I am more confident in making decisions such as when is the right time to help attack, " said Rocky.

"Before leaving for England I lacked the confidence in playing footbalI. And during the #GarudaSelect program I got a lot of corrections and directions from the coaching team, helping my confidence grow slowly. That’s why now I become much braver to face opponents, including the players who were taller and bigger than me," said Rocky.

"However, I feel there are still many things that I can learn from the program. That’s why I hope to be re-elected for the fourth season. I also have dreams of facing against other best academy teams in the world such as Manchester United, Arsenal, and my favorite team, Juventus," added Roki.

"As for the long-term target, I hope to follow in the footsteps of Bagus Kahfi, David Maulana, and Brylian Aldama who are playing in Europe," Roki concluded.

Watch again Roki's best actions on the reruns of the #GarudaSelect match and the story behind the #GarudaSelect team's journey on the Dream Chasers Series at Mola.


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