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Valuable Lessons from Coach Des Walker for Faqih and Ibnul

Through #GarudaSelect program, the two center-backs Muhammad Faqih Maulana and Ibnul Mubarak have been getting their chance to be trained by the legendary defender of the England national team, Des Walker. Faqih and Ibnul certainly don't want to waste this precious opportunity and try to be able to learn as much as possible from the player who took England to the semifinal of the 1990 World Cup.

"Training every day with the legendary England defender is certainly not accessible to everyone. Being coached by Coach Des makes me more excited and I want to absorb as much knowledge as possible from him. Coach Des is very detailed. He often demonstrates firsthand the movements that must be done so that I can understand more quickly, "said Faqih.

"Coach Des really wants to see his team develop. During the training on the pitch, Coach Des often screams in a high pitch, but I realize that his only goal is that all players can have a better understanding," said Ibnul.

Faqih and Ibnul always share with each other all advices given by Coach Des. "Coach Des often emphasizes to me that I should not lose the ball easily. Mistakes such as a wrong passing should not be done by a player with a position as a defender like me, because it will be very dangerous for the team once the ball is captured by the opposing player," said Ibnul. "The message from Coach Des to me is that I have to be smart in reading the opponent's game and I must always be vigilant in anticipating the movements of the opposing attackers," said Ibnul.

Faqih himself can't wait to apply Coach Des's various directions in the match. After a 1-1 draw against Port Vale U18 in December, #GarudaSelect will be able to return to competition once the lockdown rules are eased starting March 29th.

"I really want to be able to practice in the upcoming match what I have been getting in the training from Coach Des since four months ago. After the match, I think Coach Des should immediately evaluate our performance. That is very important so that we can correct our mistakes and improve our performance in order to become a better footballer," said Faqih.


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