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Useful Knowledge from Dead Ball Training

The dead ball set play or planned scheme is usually getting matured one day before the match.

One of the materials most frequently emphasized repeatedly in training during the Garuda Select Program is training in dead ball situations. The dead ball set play or planned scheme is usually getting matured one day before the match.

The players are placed on simulated dead ball in different scenarios, from corner kicks, both defending and attacking, to free-kick situations. The positions also vary, starting from the center, right, and left, again according to the situation whether they are defending or attacking.

The coaching team asks players to occupy certain positions. Each player is also provided with guiding documents and drawings to help them remember where to stand, and where to move. All must be remembered by players so that they can be applied properly at game time.

This is a new knowledge that is very useful to them. Some of the players admit that they have never received similar training material in Indonesia. "This is different from what I got in Indonesia. Here, there are more variations and each player has a responsibility to his position at the set-piece. We must have broad view to monitor the opponent's movements and take advantage of the gaps if they are caught off guard," said Ridho Syuhada who is positioned as a midfielder.

Garuda Select's first goal in the third season also came from a set piece situation. The cross taken by Frezy Al-Hudaifi, could not be well anticipated by Port Vale goalkeeper, Joe Collinge, so the ball fell right in front of Putu Dipa who was standing free facing an empty net.

According to Dipa, the training made him know better what to do in set pieces. "Where we are and where to run is also directed by the coaching team. Our goal against Port Vale is also the result of free kick," explained Dipa.

Seeing how the players carry out instructions when in set-pieces situations, the coaching team is optimistic that over time they can improve their game. "To be honest I am happy to see what the players did in yesterday's match. All players know their duties and roles," said Garuda Select Assistant Coach Danny Holmes.


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