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Three Key Success Factors of Manchester City Academy’s Development Program

There are three interrelated factors that support their success in building a qualified young team, namely opportunities, philosophy, and investment.

Manchester City is not always about spending big bucks to bring in players. Through their academy, the Citizens, slowly but surely, have continued to focus on developing the talents of young players from all over the UK. According to the former Manchester City academy scouting team, Justin Girdler, there are at least three interrelated factors that have contributed to their success in building a capable young team, namely opportunities, philosophy, and investment.

The rapid development of the City Football Group (CFG) allows players from all over the world to have the opportunity to enter the Manchester City academy and, if possible, to join the first team. Conversely, if there are players who actually have potential but are unable to penetrate the first team, they will be sent to play in teams that are still under the auspices of the CFG. So that their stock of talented young players is increasingly abundant.

From the aspect of philosophy, Man. City believe that to produce a quality player, they must create reliable human resources. They realize that not all academy players will continue their career to a professional level. Therefore, besides management and technical aspects of the game, the players are also taught and trained to become a coach, medical team or other careers in football industry. So that if a player's career does not continue to become a football player, at least there are still other areas that they are good at.

The two above-mentioned factors, namely opportunity and philosophy, can run more optimally because of investment. The money obtained from various sponsors is not only used to build luxury facilities, but also to develop qualified human resources. The investment allows City academy to work with one of the best private schools in the UK, to provide educational scholarships to players who are unable to continue their career as professional players. The money also allows the City academy to focus on the aspects that support their philosophy.

The #GarudaSelect, more or less, has the same program for the participating players. The focus of the program is to produce players who can meet the needs of the football industry. A player is required not only to improve his football skills and abilities, but he also must have responsibility and ability to analyze the game quickly and to make measured steps.

Actually the players themselves are developing their mentality as footballers, supported by a coaching management which has the atmosphere and culture of English football. The opportunities for these players to play in Europe are much bigger compared with those players who do not participate in the #GarudaSelect program. Bagus Kahfi’s and Brylian Aldama’s success stories tell us exactly about the importance of the #GarudaSelect program.

On Tuesday (11/5) evening Jakarta time, #GarudaSelect will face against the Manchester City Youth Academy. The match can be watched live for FREE and exclusively on several Mola platforms such as Mola Polytron Box, Polytron TV, or on the website


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