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The Top Match to Watch: #GarudaSelect vs Manchester City Youth Academy

Updated: May 11, 2021

According to Edgard Amping, for him this match is the most eagerly awaited match during his participation in the #GarudaSelect team.

#GarudaSelect will face against Manchester City Youth on Tuesday (11/5) in Manchester. This match will be the culmination of a series of trials of the #GarudaSelect in England.

The players are very enthusiastic to prepare for this match.

According to Edgard Amping, this match is the most eagerly awaited match for him during his participation in the #GarudaSelect team.

“Manchester City is my favorite club. I am very excited to look forward for this match. I will try to do better than before, especially in guarding our defense so we don't concede easily, "says Edgard.

#GarudaSelect right-back, Ridwan Ansori, admits he has mixed feelings ahead of the match against Manchester City.

“I can't wait to get experience competing against the academy team of the Premier League champions. For me, this is like a dream. I will try to show all my best abilities and skills that I have been getting as the results of the training and learning so far in the #GarudaSelect program, "says Ridwan.

Meanwhile, Shabani Kingazi, is ready to give a better performance in this last and important game of the #GarudaSelect.

“Preparations have been running well and it will be a tough match. The opponent we are going to face is one of the best academies in England. We will try our best to display a surprising performance. We will play a better game than the previous games, "says Shabani.

For Elia, the match against City is a momentum to test the strength of the team and also the abilities of each individual player.

“Manchester City is a great team. The results of their academy are already visible in their current first team. I am very happy to have the opportunity to face this big team because we can measure the extent of our abilities as a team and also personally as an individual, "says Elia.

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