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The Summary of the Third Season of #GarudaSelect Results

The third season of #GarudaSelect has ended. In total Dennis Wise and Des Walker's team appeared in 10 matches with the results of four wins, four draws and two defeats.

#GarudaSelect's journey in season three is considerably not easy. After undergoing a match against Port Vale U18 which ended with 1-1 draw, the #GarudaSelect series of matches were postponed due to the lockdown rules imposed by the British government.

During the lockdown period of more than three months, the exercises must be carried out in groups. Like the pre-season training of European clubs, physicality became the main focus of the coaching team under the direction of Jake Fitzsimmons. Coach Jake organised muscle strengthening programs for players in their respective rooms, besides physical training through short, medium, and long distance runs. Training on the field in groups made the training more intense and gave players many opportunities to improve their individual abilities under the guidance of the coaching team.

The development of each player looked good from a technical, physical and tactical perspective grew slowly from the match against Mansfield U18 and then against Cheltenham U18 which ended with a score of 2-2.

After losing 0-1 to Swindon U18, Coach Dennis made changes by only playing the best team from the start of the match, while in the previous four matches the coach team played a different team in each half.

The best team of #GarudaSelect then got better and managed to beat QPR U18 (5-1), Huddersfield U18 (5-3), Watford U16 (2-1) and Crystal Palace U17 (5-3). The #GarudaSelect series of matches concluded with a match against Manchester City Youth which ended 0-4. Even though they lost, #GarudaSelect learned many lessons from the match against Manchester City, the Premier League champions with one of the best academies in the world.

The third season of #GarudaSelect program presented a number of talented players who have the potentials to follow in the footsteps of #GarudaSelect alumni such as Brylian Aldama and Bagus Kahfi who are now playing in Europe. This season the attacking duo, Hokky Caraka and Faiz Maulana attracted attention and praises due to 10 goals from Faiz and five goals from Hokky.

There is also something different in this season with the presence of three international players, namely Elia Di Giuliomaria, Lorenzo Berra, and Shabani Mbwana Kingazi. The presence of international players in the #GarudaSelect Program aims to enable Indonesian players to mingle more broadly with various players and cultures of other countries in a more supportive international environment. This process is an important preparation if one day the graduates from the #GarudaSelect Program get opportunities to join professional clubs

in Europe.

The Third Season of #GarudaSelect Results:

December 24; #GarudaSelect 1-1 Port Vale U18 (Dipa 82 ')

April 6; #GarudaSelect 2-2 Mansfield U18 (Rafli 13 ', Ridho 70')

April 9; #GarudaSelect 2-2 Cheltenham U18 (Faiz 13 ', Hokky 49')

April 13; #GarudaSelect 0-1 Swindon U18

April 17; #GarudaSelect 5-1 QPR U18 (Hokky 11 ', 26', Faiz 42 ', Rafli 46', Wahyu 67 ')

April 20; #GarudaSelect 7-7 Leeds U18 (Faiz 13 '16' 19 ', Elia 23' (pen), Rendy 41 ', Hokky 44', Krisna 60 ')

April 27; #GarudaSelect 5-3 Huddersfield U18 (Faiz 6 ', 8', 60 ', 90', Rafli 65 ')

May 1st; #GarudaSelect 2-1 Watford U16 (Rafli 66 ', Elia 70')

May 8; #GarudaSelect 5-3 Crystal Palace U17 (Nando 5 ', Revelation 25', Faiz 49 ', Elia 62', Hokky 90 + 5)

11 May; #GarudaSelect 0-4 Manchester City Youth


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