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The Inspiring Father & Big Dreams of Noval Iskandar

Noval Junior Iskandar has a dream to become a professional football player. The Bekasi-born player told a story about an inspirational figure and how he began to like playing football.

"My father has been my inspiration, from childhood until now, to become a football player. My father told me that when I was just born, he liked to shake my left foot so that could have a powerful left foot like him," said Noval.

"After that, I liked being taken by my father to watch football matches from the age of four. It made me even more excited about football and hoped that one day I could become a professional football player.

Talking about his idol in football, Noval mentioned Xabi Alonso. "I really like Alonso's game, he gives me inspiration as a midfielder. Alonso not only has the ability to make long passes accurately, but also strong in defense," said Noval.

Noval himself hopes that the #GarudaSelect program can be a way to achieve his big dream. "I have a dream to make my parents proud and one day to be able to play for the Indonesian national team. I also want to be a professional player and play for Barcelona one day. Barcelona is my favorite team and has idolized Barcelona since they were coached by Pep Guardiola," said Noval.


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