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The Importance of Physical Fitness for Young Players

According to #GarudaSelect Physical Trainer, Jake Fitzsimmons, this period was a defining moment

Physical fitness is crucial for a young player. In order to move up to a higher level, namely the senior level. According to #GarudaSelect Physical Coach, Jake Fitzsimmons, this period is the moment to determine whether a young player can continue to maintain his performance to a senior level or not.

"Physical endurance is important for a player to support his game. If they are physically good, they will not get tired easily at a time when their opponents may have been exhausted. That is why, physical endurance is important. Therefore, a player must also be able to manage his body condition.

"Rest is also important in order to have a better fitness in the next match or training," said Coach Jake.

According to Coach Jake, there are some basic exercises that can help keep a player in a good shape. You yourself can do these exercises at home without the help of heavy and complicated gym equipments.

For the upper body, there are several exercises such as push ups, planks and jack knives. Also do not miss other movements such as shoulder touches, leg raises and superman hold. All of these movements train some of the muscles of the upper body such as chest and the stomach. Meanwhile, for the lower body, movements such as hamstring bridge, Copenhagen and jump squats are also very helpful for increasing the performance of the muscles of waist and knees.

According to Coach Jake, physical fitness is an important key for young players to maintain their level of performance until they reach senior level. As a form of monitoring and continuation of the #GarudaSelect Program, players are still asked to do these exercises after they return back to Indonesia.

"Physical fitness is very important for young players. I have prepared some other exercise materials to keep them in good shape if they are asked to return to England at any time. If they consistently do all the sessions with good discipline, their physical fitness should be good. So, here they just need to practice other aspects of football,” Jake concluded.

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