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The Favourite Training Session of #GarudaSelect Players

The players have participated in various intensive training programs provided by the Coaching Team.

The third season of #GarudaSelect program has been running for two months. The players have participated in various intensive training programs provided by the Coaching Team. And based on their own personal assessment, there are training sessions that become their favorites.

The training programs provided by the #GarudaSelect Coaching Team are diverse such as passing, dribbling, set-piece or dead-ball situations, small field play, and match simulation in internal games. There are also physical training sessions such as long and short runs, as well as gym workouts to strengthen muscles.

Lorenzo Berra, Elia Di Guiliomaria and Ridho Syuhada Putra choose 4 vs 4 small field games as their favorites. "In the 4 vs 4 training session the match is very intense and the ball is moved very fast because the maximum is only two touches. I like this session because we as players are required to be quick in making decisions," said Lorenzo.

"I like shooting skills training. During this training, there are a lot of opportunities for me to practice shootings, so that my goal shootings can be consistently effective," added Elia. "This training session teaches players to maximize the available space and how to keep the opponent in the right position," said Ridho.

Roki and Ridwan Ansori choose the internal game session as their favorite training session. "My favorite is the 11 vs 11 match training session. I can show my techniques and also show the improvements made as a result from the previous training," said Ridwan. "In my opinion, in internal games, I can identify mistakes that must be corrected both in defense and attack. I can also immediately learn how to properly guard my opponent," added Roki.

Meanwhile, I Gede Aditya Juli chose his favorite long distance running training session. "I feel that my physical condition still needs to be improved. Even though it is tiring, gradually I enjoy the 5km training session," said Adit.

The players themselves began to feel the benefits of the training provided by the coaching team. "I feel that my physique is getting better and my foot is stronger. I am more confident in one-on-one situations and in facing opponent shooting," explained Adit.

"Since joining #GarudaSelect, I have experienced a lot of physical and technical developments. I have been instructed to always do a maximum of two touches," added Elia. "My stamina is growing rapidly and my muscles are starting to form, especially in the hands. Meanwhile, according to Ridho, the #GarudaSelect training program really helps him to develop further. “But of course, to improve I have to train hard and to follow the direction of the coach," added Ridho.


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