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The Dream of #GarudaSelect Player for a Career in Europe

#GarudaSelect players have big goals and dreams to achieve in their career as football players. Players hope that the #GarudaSelect Program can become a bridge to achieve that dream.

"I have a big dream to be able to play at an English club like Manchester United, but it is certainly not an easy thing. I am ready to work hard through the process including to participate in #GarudaSelect which in my opinion is an important step to enter the academy of European clubs," said Adre Arido.

"#GarudaSelect is my chance to further develop. I hope this program can help me achieve my dream of playing for AS Roma. I am an admirer of Francesco Totti and hope to follow in his footsteps of achieving achievements with Roma and the Italian national team," said Elia Di Giuliomaria.

"My dream is to defend the Indonesian national team in the U-20 World Cup. In addition, I dream that one day I can join my favorite club Barcelona, ​​a club of star players such as Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique," said Ridho Syuhada.

"I have a dream of a professional career at a Premier League club. It doesn't matter what club it is. I feel very challenged by the physical style of English football," said Shabani Mbawana Kingazi.

"I want someday to be able to play for the Juventus club like my idol Cristiano Ronaldo. I also want to defend the Indonesian national team from age groups to seniors," hoped Rendi Sanjaya Putra.

#GarudaSelect itself had succeeded in training and developing Bagus Kahfi so that he could join a European club. Bagus, who participated in the first and second seasons of #GarudaSelect, has already received a professional contract with FC Utrecht with a duration of 18 months with an option to extend for two years.

The story of Bagus joining FC Utrecht can be watched in the series 'Dream Chasers: Garuda Select' season 3 episode 5 which is broadcast exclusively on Mola TV.


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