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Surprise and Challenge from a Head Coach Des Walker for Players

Players need to keep up their enthusiasm to follow all the activities and various physical training.

In the midst of an intense physical training schedule, the coaching team realize that the players still need something to maintain their mood. Players need to keep up their enthusiasm to follow all the activities and various physical training materials provided by the coaching team.

The head coach of Garuda Select, Des Walker, made a surprise by giving away two guitars to the players so that they can spend their spare time with playing guitar. But the guitars were not given for free. In order to get the guitar, the players had to complete a challenge, namely running 5 kilometers with a duration of less than 23 minutes.

Two players successfully met the challenge. Hokky Caraka and Wahyu Agung recorded exactly one minute less than the limit set by the head coach. "Alhamdulillah, Hokky and I manage to record less than 21 minutes for a distance of 5 kilometers. Finally, we were awarded two guitars. This is really a pleasant surprise for us because playing guitar is a kind of entertainment while we are here," said Wahyu.

Hokky and Wahyu didn't wait long to try out the guitar. The songs they play are usually pop but with acoustic versions. "I like to play Seventeen's song, “Jaga Slalu Hatimu (Keep Your Heart),” said Hokky. “It is quite good for refreshing mind after practice," added Hokky smilingly.

Some of the Garuda Select players from the third batch are known to be adept at playing the guitar. Some time ago, Aditya Juli and Ridwan Ansori also preferred playing guitar rather than playing console games for refreshing after training session.

The ongoing lockdown in the UK has limited mobility. In addition to training on the field with the application of a strict distribution of training methods, the activities of the players are mostly take place indoor so that entertainment like this is necessary to keep the players enjoying their stay and to get rid of boredom.


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