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Sharing Moments from Last Season's #GarudaSelect

Last season before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all activities had not been restricted like nowadays.

Rafli Asrul, Edgard Amping, and Fernando Pamungkas are three players from the second batch who were called back to the #GarudaSelect Program this year. The three of them also shared stories about their experiences and favourite moments during the second season.

Last season before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all activities had not been restricted like nowadays. The players also got lots of opportunities to do various new things, from competition experiences to other activities. "My best experience was against Juventus because Juventus is my favourite team, also when I scored two goals against Port Vale, bringing the team to a draw," said Rafli Asrul.

Just like Rafli, #GarudaSelect left-back, Edgard Amping also can't forget his experience of visiting Italy. "I am happy to have the opportunity to face teams such as Torino, Juventus and Internazionale. But this year I am a little disappointed because many matches have been postponed. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon so that all activities can return to normal," said Edgard.

Rafli and Edgard's action against Italian teams can be seen in Dream Chasers: Garuda Select Season 2, Episode 13. #GarudaSelect performed quite well against these teams, even managed to trouble Internazionale and Juventus. Torino and Como were beaten without conceding a goal.

Meanwhile, Fernando Pamungkas cannot forget his experience of watching the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley. "A lot of moments are remembered, but my favourite is watching Manchester City in the Carabao Cup Final against Aston Villa. Unfortunately, this year, because of the on-going pandemic, all activities are heavily limited and the training portion is also reduced," said Fernando.

This year, #GarudaSelect has only had one match against Port Vale before the lockdown status was imposed in England and restricted all activities. However, the training program is still carried out with a bubble system so that the players' fitness is maintained when they return to the competition later.


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