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Rendy Sanjaya’s Hopes on his 17th Birthday

For him, it was the first time in his life to celebrate a birthday away from home.

One more #GarudaSelect player celebrates birthday in the UK. He is Rendy Sanjaya, a midfielder from Bali who has to celebrate his birthday this year in the middle of the #GarudaSelect program in England. For him, it is the first time in his life to celebrate a birthday away from home.

Rendy, born in Bajra, Badung Regency 17 years ago (April 11) has high hopes and big wishes for his future. "As far as I play, I want to become a child who always makes my parents happy. The only way is to continue to play well in every game, so that later I can have a career with one of the top clubs in Europe," said Rendy.

"This year's birthday is quite different from previous ones. But I still have to be enthusiastic because this is part of my struggle to gain football knowledge and experience. There are also many friends who are far from their homes, so we keep encouraging each other to be active in training and keep focused during our program here, " added Rendy.

So far, Rendy has always won the trust of the coaching team to play in the midfield. In the last two games against Mansfield and Cheltenham, he played as a left winger who supports the forwards.

Follow the journey of Rendy and the #GarudaSelect team in the next #GarudaSelect match against Swindon Town tomorrow and the Dream Chasers Series aired

exclusively on Mola TV.


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