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Rafli Asrul Ready to Embrace Future Challenges

After gaining a lot of knowledge during the last two seasons, Rafli realized that it is time to set higher targets for his career.

One of the players who stole the show during the last two seasons of #GarudaSelect Program is Muhammad Rafli Asrul. In the second season, he became a key component of the team's midfield.

In the second season he was accompanied by two more senior players such as Brylian Aldama and David Maulana in the midfield. In this third season, he has more responsibility, playing in the midfield with several players such as Elia Di Giuliomaria, Rendy Sanjaya, and Fernando Pamungkas. As midfielders they became anchors in setting the rhythm of the game.

“I have gained a lot of new things this season. Indeed, there was a lockdown that had limited a number of agendas, but the positive side was that physically the players were better prepared. It made me focus more on thinking about tactics and on exploring various techniques in the match, ”said Rafli.

“Now I know better what to do when the team has the ball. Especially after you receive a pass or catch a ball, I can quickly decide to carry the ball for just two or three steps before passing, crossing or shooting the ball. You know better what to do so that you don't lose the ball easily. That's what the coach often repeats, " said Rafli.

After gaining a lot of knowledge during the last two seasons, Rafli now realises that it is time for him to set higher targets for his career. Besides thinking of following the footsteps of Bagus Kahfi and Brylian Aldama to play in European clubs, Rafli’s target is also to be able to play for the national team.

"Hopefully what I have shown and what I have achieved so far in this #GarudaSelect program can open up opportunities to play in Europe. In addition, I also want to be selected for the national team for the upcoming U20 World Cup, ” added Rafli.

Rafli performed consistently during two seasons of the #GarudaSelect program. Last season, he made 17 appearances in a total of 19 #GarudaSelect matches, scoring nine goals and six assists. In this third season, his consistency was improved and he played in all 10 matches of #GarudaSelect, scoring four goals and making four assists.


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