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Putu Dipa Is Undergoing Injury Rehabilitation Program

Garuda Select defender I Putu Dipa Yogi Arta suffered an ankle injury during a training session. Dipa immediately received a rehabilitation program from Garuda Select physiotherapist, Ellie Hargreaves.

The good news is, there is nothing serious about Dipa's injury and the player who scored one goal against Port Vale U-18 is expected to recover and return to play soon.

"I got injured in a training session. At that time I was on the wrong foot, but now my ankle condition is much better and it doesn't hurt anymore" said Dipa.

"I am ready to follow the program given by the coaching team. I am sure that I can recover soon and play again for Garuda Select," Dipa continued.

Ellie added that Dipa's condition would be continuously monitored. The coaching team has prepared a rehabilitation program so that Dipa can return to his best condition.

"Dipa's injury is in the ankle ligament, but there is nothing serious about the injury. Currently, Dipa is undergoing a rehabilitation program and he may be out for a few weeks," said Ellie.

Ellie has prepared Dipa's rehabilitation program until January 15th. For the balance training program, there is the DL jump & stick movement where Dipa jumps and lands in a squat position. There is also the SL windmill exercise to train balance using a balance board.

Squats with therabands are Ellie's program to train Dipa's ankles. The clamshell exercise, which is a movement of lying on your side, with legs stacked and knees bent at a 45-degree angle, is useful for training the lower body. Finally, there is an exercise to train the biceps with the theraband and push-up to train the upper body.

"In the rehabilitation session, Dipa is trained in balance and received a program to strengthen his ankle. Injuries like this are common in football and we are used to deal with them," said Ellie.

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