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Profile of Frezy Al-Hudaifi: Ready to Improve for Realizing His Dream of Playing in Europe

In the eyes of his friends, Frezy is known as a friendly person and easy to get along with anyone.

Frezy Al-Hudaifi is one of the players who play for the third season #GarudaSelect midfield. The player, who was born in Jakarta, April 21, 2004, has actually attracted Dennis Wise's interest since 2019.

"Frezy is a player we have known since 2019. However, at that time his age was not sufficient as we live in a University Dormitory which has a minimum age requirement of 16 years. Frezy has good technical skills, but his weakness is that in the match he has not worked hard enough. This is what we will try to improve. At the moment he still often makes the game more complicated, even though in football simple method is needed," said Dennis.

Frezy is aware of his weaknesses and he is trying to fix them. "Yes, the coach has given me an evaluation. In addition, I also get input from the coach not to often lose the ball in midfield," said Frezy.

Frezy himself hopes that he can develop both in and off the field by joining the #GarudaSelect Program. Since childhood, Frezy has been dreaming to play for European clubs and the Indonesian national team. "I have known football from my uncle since I was five years old, then I started playing seriously by entering SSB Ragunan Nd then joining Bhayangkara Elite Pro U-16," said Frezy. "I have a dream to be like my idol Andres Iniesta, who struggled from the lower level from La Masia, Barcelona B, to becoming a star for Barcelona and the Spanish national team," added Frezy.

In the eyes of his friends, Frezy is known as a friendly person and easy to get along with anyone, including foreign players of #GarudaSelect. "Frezy is a nice and sociable person off the pitch. On the pitch he has good technique and moves quickly when he has the ball," said Elia Di Guiliomaria. "I see Frezy as a hard working and smart player on the field, especially when carrying the ball to the front lines," added Muhammad Faqih Maulana.

"In the #GarudaSelect Program I realize that to join a European club, good technique only is not enough. It also needs good physical abilities and intelligence in making decisions on the field," said Frezy. "I hope to learn a lot during this third season of #GarudaSelect Program. It is certainly a rare opportunity to be coached by Des Walker and Dennis Wise and get world-class facilities at Loughborough University. Hopefully, this will be my way to one day be able to play in a European club," added Frezy.


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