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Profile of Aditya Juli: Golden Opportunity to Gain New Knowledge

According to him, during his weeks in England, he has experienced many new details on football.

Together with Adre Arido, I Gede Aditya July is also a goalkeeper in the Garuda Select Program. Adit was born in Klungkung, Bali, on July 4, 2004 and started his journey in football at SSB Damar Cakti, Denpasar.

Adit knows football first from TV. He was always enthusiastic every time If TV broadcasted football match. Aware of the little kid’s hobby to watch football game, Adit's parents then send him to the Football School. Initially, he did not play as a goalkeeper. However, there was an event that forced him to become a goalkeeper.

"I like football because at first I often watched and really liked football matches on television. And then finally I entered SSB and took part in tournaments," said Adit.

"In 2012, I joined SSB as a defender. A year later, the goalkeeper at my place moved to other city and at that time there were no player at the team fit to be a goalkeeper. The coach thought that my posture was suitable for becoming a goalkeeper. After trying for short period of time, I felt comfortable and finally I decided to be a goalkeeper, until now," explained Adit.

After three years at SSB Damar Cakti, Adit moved to SSB Putra Dewata in 2016. There he realised an opportunity opened for him to join Garuda Select Program.“ I followed the selection process and fortunately, here I am in UK participating at this wonderful program,” said Adit.

"When there was the first batch of Garuda Select Program, I watched it several times and wished I could be like them. Finally this year the opportunity came," added Adit.

After experiencing firsthand what his predecessors experiences in the Garuda Select Program, Adit admits that he does not want to miss this golden opportunity to broaden his knowledge about football and goalkeeping as much as possible.

According to him, during his weeks in England, he has experienced many new details on football. "In this month the training method has focused more on improving physicality. However, it is also balanced with playing techniques and teamwork," said Adit.

In the opening match against Port Vale, Adit played in the second half and made several important saves. Adit is pretty sure that he has plenty of time and opportunities to improve as a goalkeeper during this #GarudaSelect program.


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