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Profile: Captain Edgar Amping

Assistant Coach of #GarudaSelect, Danny Holmes, said that Edgar has shown encouraging developments.

Last season, Edgar Amping joined the second batch with Rafly Asrul and Fernando Pamungkas, which means that this season he is one of the senior players in the Garuda Select Program. Assistant Coach of #GarudaSelect, Danny Holmes, said that Edgar has shown encouraging developments compared to last season with his role as a left back.

"This season, Edgar looks stronger and faster. Now he can more easily anticipate the movement of opponents who have a strong physique and good speed. Of course this is a good improvement and hopefully it can continue to develop even better in the future," said Holmes.

Edgar said the #GarudaSelect Program gave him new experiences and perspectives on what a football player should do. "I am grateful to have the opportunity to undergo this program and have more detailed knowledge about the game. This year, I will try to prove that I am able to become a great captain," said Edgar.

One of Edgar's close friends in the #GarudaSelect Program is Rafly Asrul, who has been with him since he was in the Elite Pro Academy PSM Makassar team. Rafly supports that his friend is able to carry out his new role to lead the team. "He is a quiet person, but on the pitch he is quite active and can play in several positions. I really hope that on the pitch he can motivator his other friends when he plays. I think he deserves to lead this team," said Rafli.

#GarudaSelect Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes, said that Edgar's appointment as captain was because the player has been considered to be able to show a concrete example to other players through hard work and seriousness on the field.

"It's not about being the most vocal on the pitch or about good verbal skills. Edgar's way of leading his colleagues is by direct example of what should be done. With the experience and knowledge he gained last season, he can do that," said Holmes.

#GarudaSelect goalkeeper, Adre Arido, also acknowledges Edgar's important role for the team. "On the field he leads other players well. He plays well, such as pressing the opponents or blocking the ball. He is also always enthusiastic during the training, and it makes us excited and want to be like him. Outside the field Edgar is also friendly,” said Adre.


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