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Precious Benefits of One-on-One Session at #GarudaSelect Program

Every week players who got this special session could vary, depending on the choice of the coaching team.

To ensure that the instructions given during the training were properly absorbed by the players, the #GarudaSelect coaching team regularly conducted one-on-one evaluation sessions. Every week, players who got this special session could vary, depending on the choice of the coaching team.

Four of them were Frezy Al-Hudaifi, Rafli Asrul, Ridwan Ansori, and Fernando Pamungkas. According to them, what the coaching team said was always very useful to improve their games in the following matches and of course for their development as professional footballers in the future.

“The coach often gave evaluation on how to make quick decisions during the game. That’s why in the last matches against Huddersfield, Watford and Crystal Palace, I knew better what to do and could enjoy the game more," Ridwan said.

“Usually in the session the coach gave comments on our ball possession. We have to make the right decisions about when to feed, shoot or dribble, ”explained Frezy.

Meanwhile, according to Rafli and Fernando, the level of play they have now is heavily influenced by the one-on-one session. Both of them are ready to always carry out those advices and suggestions even though they are no longer in England.

“The one-on-one session made the materials provided by the trainer easier to remember. For instance, their instructions for playing aggressively and having to know where the ball has to go in order to cooperate with the front lines. That's what I managed to apply in the match against Crystal Palace.

I scored goals through the collaboration with Faiz and Wahyu who were in the front line," Fernando explained.

“Now I can better understand what to do when I am facing with difficult situations. Against Watford, we were left behind and their defense was so tight. Finally I tried to take initiative to shoot and I scored goal. We have also improved our positioning when we are defending as well as attacking. How to receive and distribute the ball is also an important lesson that I will continue to apply in the future, "Rafli concluded.

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