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Positive Side-Effects of the Enforcement of Lockdown

This is a form of compliance with the existing health protocol rules.

The current on-going lockdown in the UK makes #GarudaSelect players have to carry out all activities by implementing a group or bubble system. This is a form of compliance with the existing health protocol rules.

However, as stated by #GarudaSelect goalkeeper, Adre Arido, there are positive side-effects that can still be taken in that kind of situation. "According to me, in a lockdown situation like this, the bubble concept is indeed a bit hindering the development of the team's chemistry as a whole due to separate trainings. Besides that, the practices are also quieter and less crowded as usual. But maybe from an individual point of view we can optimize our training,"said Adre.

"Because I had to be in a group, I practiced more intensely together with some of the defenders like Adit, Ibnul, Faqih, Dustin, and several attackers like Shaban, Wahyu (Agung). The positive side is that the chemistry with the defenders is more intensely developed,” added Adre.

Shaban Kingazi admitted that this lockdown situation was not ideal. "This situation is not ideal. However, we can become more intense in training and become more familiar with each other," said Shaban.

#GarudaSelect attacker, Faiz Maulana also admits that there are benefits to be taken. "We can communicate more about what to do in the match. Also we can talk more about training. How to evaluate the previous exercise, then how the exercise should be, what notes should be made for improvement, and so on. The point is we always support each other, so the team becomes more intimate and more compact.”

The midfielder and one of the #GarudaSelect senior players, Fernando Pamungkas, also feels the team cohesiveness in the bubble system.

“Apart from training, we usually do a lot of things while relaxing in the dorms. We play games, play guitar, and so on. I think in this bubble system the team solidarity is getting stronger,” Nando said.

"When we finish training, we usually play games together to prevent boredom or just listen to songs, or chat about the latest football issues, especially the Premier League," added Adre and Faiz.


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