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Positive Impact of Shaban's Presence in #GarudaSelect Squad

So far, the 17-year-old left-back has made a positive impression on the coach.

The new -#GarudaSelect player from Tanzania, Shaban Mbwana Kingazi, has attended training sessions for few weeks with the team. So far, the 17-year-old left-back has made a positive impression on the coach.

"As a new Garuda Select player, Shaban is adapting well. He is a tough runner, has a good left foot and good defensive abilities. Shaban is also a strong player. And to play in Europe it is important to be a strong player. We hope Shaban can develop even more, "said Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes.

Holmes added that Shaban's presence could have a positive impact on the team. Shaban can learn from Indonesian and Italian players in the team and vice versa.

"In England, good and strong physique is very important. Previously we often struggled physically and other players have to learn that it is very important. Good technique and passing is a good thing, but players also have to be physically ready. Shaban has good physique and this will further strengthen the team, "said Holmes.

"In the previous season, Indonesian players like Bagus Kahfi, David Maulana, and Brylian Aldama were very good and determined. When foreign players came, they could learn from each other.

I think Indonesian players can learn from Shaban's physical strength. And Shaban can learn the technical skills from Indonesian players, "added Holmes.

Garuda Select midfielder, Ridho Syuhada Putra also enthusiastically welcomes Shaban's presence. Besides being able to learn from each other, Shaban's presence certainly strengthens the team.

"So far I see Shaban as a strong player and Shaban's physical condition is prime. Shaban's presence has a positive impact on the team and we can both learn many things from each other," said Ridho.


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