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Players to Watch in Match Vs Swindon Town U18: Fernando Pamungkas & Ridho Syuhada Putra

#GarudaSelect will again have two different lineups against Swindon Town U18 on Tuesday (13/4). Assistant Coach Danny Holmes said Fernando Pamungkas and Ridho Syuhada have the potential to be the differentiators in each half of the match.

Fernando will be the mainstay of #GarudaSelect in the first half, while Ridho will be played in the second half. According to Coach Danny , the team can rely on the strengths and advantages of both Fernando and Ridho in the match against Swindon.

"In the first half I choose midfielder Fernando who has a lot of energy. He is also consistent in terms of the quality of passing and controlling the ball," said Coach Danny.

"The composition of the players in the second half, I choose Ridho who is always eager to fight. Ridho likes to find the ball and has the quality to create opportunities for his teammates," explained Coach Danny.

The #GarudaSelect match against Swindon will take place tonight starting at 18.45 WIB. This match can be watched for free, Live on Mola TV.


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