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Players to Watch: Elia Di Giuliomaria and Faiz Maulana

According to Coach Danny, Elia and Faiz are expected to continue to perform well in tonight's match.

Assistant Coach Danny Holmes said that the #GarudaSelect midfielders, Elia Di Guiliomaria and Faiz Maulana, are expected to become the decisive players in tonight's match. According to him, Elia and Faiz have shown significant developments in the last few matches. He hopes that Elia and Faiz will continue to perform well in tonight's match.

"Elijah plays very well, he always tries to regain the ball back from the opponent to bring the game to life. His touch and passing skills are also good. I am happy to see his style of play. Hopefully he can again show his quality in managing the game and creating opportunities," said Coach Danny.

"Beside Elia, there is Faiz who lately has scored few goals. Faiz likes to do tricks in the penalty box and to dribble past opponents. He is also diligent to create opportunities, not only for the team but also for himself. He always tries hard to create space to shoot, " added Coach Danny.

Coach Danny still reminds his players to be aware of the opposing team's game. Leeds United Academy is included in the Category 1 which has a quality higher than all previous #GarudaSelect opponents.

"Their opponents have advantages in terms of physical strength and technique. They are also capable of moving the ball well. However, #GarudaSelect players should not let that happen. There are some players who have been understanding each other better. So it will be a challenging match,” said Coach Danny.

Leeds U18 are the champions of the Professional Development League in the 2018/19 season. Some of the famous players who graduated from their academy include Denis Irwin, James Milner, Alan Smith, Gary Speed, also the player who is currently playing for the Leeds United First Team and the British National Team, Kalvin Philips.

Watch the #GarudaSelect match against Leeds United U18 tonight, Tuesday (20/4) 18:45 WIB on Mola TV. The matches can be watched for free on Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV application, or the website at


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