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Players Ready to Compete to to Get Picked to Play

"There will be times when the coach will form a team of only players who are game-ready," said Coach Dennis.

The coaching team will implement a policy to only pick players who are ready to play against Queen's Park Rangers on Saturday (17/4). This means that there will be some players who will not be played until the coach feels they are game-ready.

"There will be times when the coach forms a team consisted only with players who are game- ready. It's not like in the previous matches when all the players were given the opportunity to play," said #GarudaSelect Director of Football Dennis Wise after the match against Swindon.

That’s why all players have to continuously focus and must practice diligently in order to better understand and carry out coach’s instructions and directions. Several players such as Noval Junior, Wahyu Agung, and Elia Giuliomaria express their opinions.

"I'm still excited about training and will continue to try to give my best for the team. If I get a chance to play, I will make the most of it," said Noval Junior.

"This will create a positive competitive atmosphere within the team. This means that all players will definitely work hard to be ready for the match and to give their best for the team. I myself will certainly be more active and eager to use training time as well as possible. I have to improve my concentration too," said Wahyu Agung.

"I always practice as hard as possible, so that I can be ready for the match against QPR. Naturally, the coach will only choose the best players, so that the players have to compete to become the best," said Elia.

QPR is not a new opponent for #GarudaSelect. In the previous two seasons, the London team has always been on the test -match agenda against #GarudaSelect.

Quick play with the ball moving fast from foot to foot is the Queens Park Rangers’ style of play that Rafli Asrul and his teammates in #GarudaSelect should be aware of.

Watch the action of #GarudaSelect players against QPR on Saturday (17/4) at 17:45 WIB for free on Mola TV. The match can be watched via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV application, or the website at


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