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Players Evaluation through Video Analysis in Face-to-Face Sessions

These sessions describe in more details the mistakes in the last match and what

they have to fix and improve in the next match.

Several times ahead of the match #GarudaSelect coaching team conducted a video analysis evaluation in face-to-face sessions with several players. The evaluation sessions were done so that the players could quickly understand and know what they need to improve.

Before facing Huddersfield, several players underwent a video analysis evaluation through face-to-face sessions with Coach Des and Coach Danny. They were Noval Junior, Ridho Syuhada, Ibnul Mubarak and Wahyu Agong.

According to them, the session describes in more details the mistakes in the match and what things they have to fix and improve in the next match.

“The coach evaluated my positioning, which was sometimes still wrong when the opponent attacked. For the next match, I was asked to fix the error, "said Ibnul Mubarak.

“I was shown the video recording of the match against Leeds United. The coach asked me to know when to play simple and when to play a beautiful game in order to bring out my skills, ”Ridho Syuhada explained.

Meanwhile, Wahyu Agong, was asked to benefit from the goal scoring opportunities he got during the match. "The coach reminded me to play more simply so that I would not make myself difficult to have a good positioning. The coach also directed me how to have a good positioning as an attacker," he said.

Meanwhile, Noval Junior got directions to be more effective when breaking down an opponent's attack. “I got a lot of more in-depth direction about putting pressure against opponents. In addition, during the preparation for the match against Huddersfield, I received an evaluation on how and when is the right time to win the ball back. If I am given the opportunity to play, I will try my best, "said Noval.

Don't miss the match between #GarudaSelect vs Huddersfield U18, Tuesday (27/4), at 17.45 WIB. The matches can be watched for free via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola app, or the website at


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