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Players’ Enthusiasm to Compete again in the Match

The #GarudaSelect team are scheduled to compete against Mansfield Town U18 on Tuesday (6/4).

#GarudaSelect players are only a few days away from returning to compete in the

matches again. They have continuously conducted a series of preparation so

so that they can perform as well as possible in the game. Some players admit that they can't wait to compete again. The #GarudaSelect team are scheduled to play against Mansfield Town U18 on Tuesday (6/4).

"I am very happy because this is a match that I have been waiting for the last few months. In my opinion, the challenge is how to beat the opponent with a bigger posture. I feel I am well-prepared to compete again," said Faiz.

"The biggest challenge lies in myself. I have to be more focused because that is the key to the match. If I can focus then I will be ready to fight anyone and be able to play wholeheartedly for the #GarudaSelect Team," said Wahyu Agung.

Two players from Italy, Elia Di Guiliomaria and Lorenzo Berra also expressed their enthusiasm for returning to the competitive match. In fact, Elijah has a special target that he wants to achieve during the match.

"This will be a big challenge because the opposing team has a good quality of play. Hopefully I can perform optimally and can score free kicks like I did in the training," Elia said.

"I want to give the maximum performance. We have trained defensive methods and some tactical exercises. I hope to bring this team to good performance and of course I want to score goals," said Lorenzo.

The actions of the #GarudaSelect players above have certainly been eagerly awaited by the audience in Indonesia. Their action can be watched live on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, at 19:00 WIB (Western Indonesia Time) on Mola TV

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