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Noval Junior's Profile: Dreams of Penetrating Europe

Noval also has a good personality off the field.

Noval Junior Iskandar is considered to have a more playing maturity than other players. His role in maintaining balance in midfield was one of the factors that made #GarudaSelect performed well against Port Vale. At least this view was put forward by the Garuda Select Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes, about Noval who plays as a midfielder.

"Most other young players can't stand wanting to go further, score goals and run forward. But Noval is a little different. He's also thinking about the defensive aspect, so it brings a good balance to the team," said Holmes expressing his opinion on Noval.

Meanwhile, according to Garuda Select Physical Trainer, Jake Fitzsimmons, Noval also has a good personality off the field. "He can synergize well with the team. He can get along well with other players. He also encourages his teammates to be passionate about all trainings," said Jake.

Before joining this year #GarudaSelect Program, Noval was a soccer student from SSB FASS Junior, Bekasi. "I want to be like Bagus Kahfi and Bryian Aldama who are now joining European clubs. In addition, I also target to be included in the U20 World Cup squad in my own country," Noval said briefly.

Noval's steps in pursuing football are pretty short. If most players started SSB from elementary school age, Noval started when he was at junior high school. "I entered SSB when I was 14 years old. At that time, I joined SSB Bintang KOR, a year later I moved to FASS Junior. Before that, I was just playing football on roads with stone goalposts,” said Noval.

Noval's teammate, Faiz Maulana, also praises Noval’s character. Before joining Garuda Select, they were together in a team for youth tournament. "Noval is a hard-working player, he doesn't want to lose the ball. Off the pitch Noval is also a Great friend. We often chat and play together too," said Faiz.


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