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New Journey, New Challenge

Bagus is currently in the Netherlands trying to reach out his dream to become a professional football player.

In December 2018 Amiruddin Bagus Kahfi Al-Fikri, with 23 other young players, started his football career journey in England. In that month, PSSI officially announced that Bagus was selected to go to England to participate in the first season of the Indonesian Young Player Development Program, #GarudaSelect. Since his childhood Bagus has played football, from competitions between villages, between districts, between provinces and then representing Indonesia at the ASEAN and Asian levels, both as a student and as part of the U-16 Indonesian National Team.

Bagus comes from a low-class family in Magelang, where he has been known to have a talent for playing football, daring to tackle tackles, especially when he was still playing as a defender. After going through various opportunities, Bagus was selected to represent Indonesia such as in the 2018 U-16 AFF Cup, Indonesia and the Malaysia 2018 U-16 AFC Cup. In the match against Australia in the Round of 16 of the 2018 AFC U-16 Cup Indonesia lost 2-3 and Bagus failed to score. Indonesian team had to be eliminated because they lost to the Australian U-16 in various aspects including body posture, physical strength and playing skills.

But because of his good performance, Bagus received an invitation from the #GarudaSelect Program. He then was successfully selected by Dennis Wise & Des Walker to join the first batch of the Program. Basic lessons in football, physical strength, technique, tactics are the main aspects provided in the #GarudaSelect series of programs. In total, during the first season of #GarudaSelect, Bagus contributed six goals. In the second season Bagus was more productive with 16 goals including goals against Inter and Juventus. Bagus even scored four goals in the match against Queens Park Rangers.

"#GarudaSelect is a forum for young players to develop football career in Europe. If young Indonesian players have a strong desire then #GarudaSelect is one of the ways to get there. I got a lot of new valuable experiences in #GarudaSelect. I had to face tough defenders who were smart and physically strong. The coach at #GarudaSelect also helped me how to face many different defenders," said Bagus.

Bagus is currently in the Netherlands trying to reach out his dream to become a professional football player. Bagus Kahfi joined one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands, Utrecht FC. It was officially announced by Utrecht FC on February 5, 2021.

Bagus did immediately enter the first team, but he starts from Utrecht U-18 and he has to fight to be able to join youth team or first team of Utrecht FC. " Bagus is a creative player who has good technical and dribbling skills. Bagus already proved it when he played for the club and the Indonesian national team with the goals he scored," said Utrecht's Technical Director, Jordy Zuidam.

Bagus's story is an example of the long struggle of a player who has learned and developed himself to pursue his dream to become a professional player in Europe. Bagus’ dream is the dream of millions of young Indonesians who want to be able to gain knowledge and experience and to live up Indonesia's name to the world.

Bagus, we are proud of you. We hope that your journey and success in Europe will promote Indonesia to the world. Bagus, you are still young and have a long journey in your football career. It is our hope that you can reach out your higher dreams and we will all always support and pray for your success in your football career.

Hopefully more Indonesian children will have the opportunity to study in the #GarudaSelect Program and follow Bagus Kahfi's footsteps.

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