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Necessary Improvements for the Midfield and Offensive Line of the #GarudaSelect

The inaugural match against Port Vale U-18 left some notes for improvement in the midfield and front line of the Garuda Select squad. Several events in the match will be used as important points in the evaluation by Dennis Wise and the Coaching Team in preparation for the next match.

The Garuda Select team played in a 4-2-3-1 formation in the first half, Fernando and Rendi Sanjaya Putra played double-pivot roles. The attacking midfield trio were Ridwan Ansori, Ridho Syuhada Putra, Krisna Sulistia. In the second half, the format was changed to 4-3-1-2 with the trio of Noval Junior, Elia Di Giuliomaria and Frezy supporting Rafly Asrul in the attacking midfield.

Dennis Wise evaluated some mistakes of his players, especially midfielders, who often lost the ball easily. Those mistakes must be fixed.

"The target is that the player can’t easily lose the ball. The player must not always force the ball forward. There are times when the player maintains possession by passing the ball to the side or to the backline. The midfielder must make sure he knows what to do before the ball reaches his foot. "He must be like a snooker player, who always thinks far and knows the next four to five steps to be taken. This will be of particular concern that need improvement," said Dennis.

Overall, the players in the midfield were still too hasty in releasing the ball so that the opponent could easily block the attack. That’s why the GarudaSelect were often under pressure by the opponents. The midfield should learn from that experience.

On the offensive line, Wahyu Agung became the sole striker in the first half. In the second half, the Garuda Select coaching team made a rotation by selecting Hokky Caraka and Lorenzo Berra as attacking duet. Wise emphasizes that a forward must know what to do, whether to provide a cross or shoot directly to the goal.

"During the match, the players had several opportunities on the counter-attack. Unfortunately, the final passes, crosses or kicks were still disappointing. If this mistake is corrected, in the future we will score more goals. The target for the attackers is to improve the quality of play and decision making in the final half of the field so that they could create more opportunities for the team, "said Wise.

For the offensive line, in order to have more effective counter attacks, the players should make the right decisions on the right moment. Garuda Select players must be able to quickly decide whether to penetrate, to pass or to shoot directly to the goal. Wise ensures that this will soon be addressed by the #GarudaSelect Coaching Team.


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