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Mansfield U-18 VS Garuda Select match is canceled

The Garuda Select match against Mansfield which was originally scheduled for January 6 was officially canceled. The reason is the lockdown rule imposed by the British government.

The lockdown policy was taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson because of the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the UK and Scotland region. During the lockdown, all sport matches may not be held, except elite competitions such as the Premier League match.

The management of the Garuda Select Program respects the policy and decided to cancel the match against Mansfield U-18. However, the training sessions will continue while complying with the health protocols established by the government. Player safety is the main focus of Garuda Select, so the players’ condition will be monitored regularly.

The Garuda Select match against Mansfield U-18 is supposed to be the second match of Dennis Wise and Des Walker's team in this third season. Earlier in the first match, GarudaSelect drew against Port Vale U-18 with a score of 1-1, thanks to I Putu Dipa Yogi Arta's goal.


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