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Man of The Match in #Garuda Select vs Cheltenham Town U18: Hokky Caraka

#GarudaSelect Football Director Dennis selected Hokky as the best player in the match against Cheltenham Town U18. The performance of the forward Hokky Caraka impressed Coach Dennis the most.

As planned, Hokky was assigned by the Coaching Team to play in 45 minutes of the second half. The player from Gunungkidul performed well and scored one goal with a header.

"Besides scoring one goal, during the match Hokky showed his hard work. He was also not afraid to duel against opposing players. Unfortunately he was not lucky to score the second goal when there was a good chance, because his ball control was not perfect. This will become a lesson for Hokky. But overall I am very happy with the game, "said Coach Dennis.

Hokky himself is quite satisfied with his performance against Cheltenham U18. "I am pretty happy with my performance. Apart from the one goal I scored, I feel more free to duel against my opponent. Being used to train together with foreign players like Lolo and Elia makes me more confident to be able to face opponents. However, I still need to train much harder because the next opponents will be tougher, "said Hokky.

#GarudaSelect will face Swindon Town U18 on Tuesday (13/4). This match will take place at 19.00 WIB and can be watched for free, Live on Mola TV.


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