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Man of The Match #GarudaSelect vs Leeds U18: M. Faiz Maulana

#GarudaSelect striker M. Faiz Maulana only needed six minutes (13 ', Klp vila UI o 16', 19 ') to make a perfect hat trick in a 7-7 draw vs Leeds United.

Only in six minutes (13’, 16’, 19’) the # GarudaSelect striker, M. Faiz Maulana made a stunningly perfect hat trick when #GarudaSelect drew 7-7 against Leeds United U18 on the Loughborough University field, Tuesday (20/4) afternoon. Faiz was chosen as the Man of The Match by the #GarudaSelect Director of Football, Dennis Wise.

"Faiz obviously played very well. He was always a threat to the opponent and managed to score three goals. I want him to work harder. Faiz must be more diligent in running and giving pressures to opponents when he loses the ball. There are still some minor mistakes in his game," said Coach Dennis.

Faiz, who is now #GarudaSelect's top scorer with five goals, said he is very proud of his first hat trick for #GarudaSelect. Moreover, the hat trick was made against a tough team like Leeds U18. "Leeds are a Premier League team, that’s why I had predicted that the match would be a tough one. Their players have good physical and mental strength, and big postures too. Before the match, I tried to motivate myself. I wanted to prove myself to the coach," said Faiz.

"I was very happy. Before the match, I tried my best to stop being nervous. And after my first goal, I got more confident. My friends were also a bit nervous before the match because of qualities of the Leeds as our opponent. But then they felt confident because I scored a goal in early stage of the game," added Faiz.

Regarding the final result, Faiz realized that they had wasted a golden opportunity after a comfortable win of 6-2 before halftime. He believes the mistakes in this match will become valuable lessons for #GarudaSelect.

"We played very well in the first half but were caught off guard in the second half. This is a valuable lesson for us. We cannot underestimate our opponent even though we lead by a great margin of victory. I myself also feel that I still made small mistakes that need to be corrected," said Faiz.

According to the planned schedule, #GarudaSelect will face Huddersfield Town U18 on the Loughborough University field on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at 17.45 WIB. The matches can be watched for free via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV application, or the website at


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