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Lorenzo Receives Special Care from #Garuda Select Physiotherapist

The Italian player complained of pain in his waist and immediately received intensive care.

Lorenzo Berra, an Italian player, had suffered an injury and spent the past week undergoing special training from #Garuda Select physiotherapist, Elle Hargreaves. The Italian player complained of pain in his waist and immediately received intensive care.

In several training sessions, the players who came from the Como U17 team were separated from their other (bubble) group mates. Lorenzo's injury recovery process is relatively fast. This is due to the alertness of the team of coaches and physiotherapists in minimizing risks and directly providing special supervision to Lorenzo.

"He had a slight tear in the muscle in the area around his waist. The first two days, we focused on him for several stages of recovery. Starting from rest, ice packs, taking some supplements, and some exercise," said Hargreaves.

"After no longer feeling pain, we started to allow him to have light outside training such as running straight with a combination of speed, up and down. Then continued with a simulation exercise of his position while playing to find out the extent of the injury healing process in preparation for a match or training again as usual,” added Hargreaves.

According to Lorenzo, his condition has started to improve. If you continue to show positive developments, then you will be allowed to graze as usual. "I underwent special training with Elle for more than a week to heal my injury. Now, my condition has started to improve and hopefully I will be back on the field soon," said Lorenzo.

The improvement of Lorenzo's injury is good news for the #GarudaSelect squad. In the midst of the current lockdown situation, the fitness and health of the players is certainly very important in order to stay in a match-ready condition if at any time the situation is declared normal again.


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