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Lorenzo, Elia and Shaban in the Eyes of the Indonesia Players

Their presence has given positive impacts on Indonesian players.

Lorenzo Berra and Elia Di Guiliomaria have joined the #GarudaSelect Program for two months. Their presence has given positive impacts on Indonesian players

Lorenzo and Elia have already played for GarudaSelect in the match against Port Vale U-18. Lorenzo plays as an attacker and Elijah as a midfielder. Besides strengthening the team, their presence also makes competition in the team even better. "Elia has an advantage in possession and Lorenzo is smart in finding positions," said Ridwan Ansori. "Lorenzo has a very good physique. His strengths are in powerful shootings and sharp finishing," said I Gede Aditya Juli. "Elia's strengths are in technical skills such as passing and ball control," said Muhammad Faiz Maulana.

Besides Lorenzo and Elia, there is also a player from Tanzania, Shaban Mbwana Kingazi who joined in January. Indonesian players also welcome the presence of this left-back.

"Shaban's strength is in his physical condition and I think we can learn a lot from him. He is a player who has physical strength and is a hard worker," added Ibnul Mubarak.

Off the field, they have also been familiar to each other. "Lorenzo, Elia and Shaban mingle very easily with other players. Outside the field in our spare time we often do activities together such as chatting, joking, and playing PS games," said Faiz. "They are very open and friendly. Their presence adds more fun and exciting atmosphere to the team," added Adit.

The presence of international players in the #GarudaSelect Program is aimed to enable Indonesian players to mingle more broadly with various players and cultures of other countries in a more supportive international environment. This process is an important preparation if one day, after graduating from the #GarudaSelect program, the players get the opportunities to join a professional club in Europe.


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