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Let's Get Fit with Fitzsimmons

There are 5 exercise movements that can be done in 15 minutes.

This time in “Let's Get Fit With Fitzsimmons”, #GarudaSelect Physical Trainer, Jake Fitzsimmons, together with team captain, Edgard Amping, return to our invitation to train at home how to increase core strength in the upper body and legs. There are 5 exercise movements that can be done in 15 minutes.

The first movement is Squat. Start with your legs slightly apart, then lower yourself as slowly as possible while still resting on your legs, then return to the starting sequence. Do it up to 10 times.

After the Squat, the next movement is the Jackknife which aims to train the body's balance point from the lower abdominal muscles to the thighs. Start in a lying position, with legs straight. Raise both legs and body simultaneously, and lower them simultaneously. Also, do up to 10 times.

Then go to Jumping Lunges, which is a movement like running in place but ends with lowering the body position that rests on the strength of the legs. Do the same as the Squat and Jackknife.

After that, go straight to the next movement, namely Shoulder Touches. Take the starting position like a push up way, then pat your left shoulder with your right hand, feel it by tapping your right shoulder with your left hand. Do it alternately up to 20 times. Lastly, there are Lateral Lunges. Put your weight on one leg, then stand straight, and alternate to the other side of the leg 10 times.

In the midst of a pandemic situation like now which limits our outdoor activities a lot, moderate exercise at home will help keep the body fit. The movements in "Fit with Fitzsimmons" can be a guide for doing exercises at home.


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