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Learning from Set-Piece Situation Exercise

This time the training program given by the Coaching Team is focused on the aspect of understanding tactics.

Entering the second month of the #Garuda Select Program, the players are busy with various training materials. This time the training program given by the Coaching Team is focused on the aspect of understanding tactics.

One of them is by practicing skills in dealing with set-piece or dead ball situations which are routine training material every week.

According to the Garuda Select Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes, practice in this set-piece situation is very crucial for player to learn. Especially for teams in England, the set-piece situation can really be decisive in matches. That is the reason the players are continuously given an understanding of what to do.

"If players can position themselves well in set-piece situations while defending, they will avoid conceding unnecessary goal. Conversely, if they do it right in attack, the chances of scoring a goal will be greater," said Holmes.

In the eyes of the players, training from set-piece situations gives them another understanding in seeing the situation in the match. Since joining the #GarudaSelect Program, they have come to understand that set pieces are not just directing the ball at the goal.

One of them is Ibnul Mubarak, who plays as a center back. "As far as what I have learnt here, the directions given are more detailed. Previously, during the training in Indonesia, I was instructed to only guard opposing players, but here I am directed more in details, from standing position, areas to be guarded and so on. Here everything is taught more clearly. In the future I still have to continue to improve the anticipation of the high balls, "said Ibnul.

Ibnul's colleague, Faqih Maulana, also have the same opinion. "Compared to the training I received in Indonesia, the training here is very detailed. It is very clear what to do. In attacking maybe you have to be much more calm when there are corner and free kicks. From the defensive side, physical strength must be increased so you can compete with British players who are taller and strong, "said Faqih

According to him, focus is the key that you must have in various situations from set pieces. Although he admits that there is still many that need to be improved, Faqih believes that gradually the players will understand more and more what they should do in various situations.


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