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Language Exchange among Garuda Select Players

They often spend time together off the pitch.

Garuda Select players from Indonesia are getting closer to players from other countries, especially with two Italian players, Lorenzo Berra and Elia Di Giuliomaria. They spend time together quite often off the pitch.

The reason why are those players coming to this program is so that the Indonesia players could learn something from them. And after more than a month together, they started to get to know each other's cultures, starting with the most basic thing; language.

Lorenzo is starting to know some Indonesian vocabulary. “I learned a few words like 'lagi’ (again) ‘satu’ (one) and ‘bagus sekali’(very good). Those words are quite helpful for me both on and off the pitch, "said Lorenzo.

“They are funny, usually we spend time playing console games or watching some matches. So, these words are useful for daily communication. I also had time to ask about typical Indonesian food, " said Lorenzo.

Lorenzo does not only learn some Indonesian vocabulary. He and Eli also teach Italian words to Indonesian players. One of them is Noval Junior who is quite familiar with the Italian players outside the pitch.

“I also know some Italian words like 'mandarino' which means orange (jeruk) and 'aranca' means orange (oranye). Not only language, I also come to know the habits of Italian people from the way they speak, the reaction when they are amazed, and so on. Because I also had time to ask what kind of people in Italy, "said Noval.

Familiarity outside the field hopefully can build compact team. Especially with the intense physical exercise agenda during the lockdown, it refreshing mind is a must.


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