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Krisna Sulistia: to Achieve His Big Dream through #Garudaselect Program

The youngest player at #GarudaSelect hopes that this program can be his path to join European clubs.

Krisna Sulistia Budianto is eager to continue to learn many things while participating in the #GarudaSelect Program. The youngest player at #GarudaSelect hopes that this program can be his path to join European clubs.

The player from SSB Djarum Kudus and West Kalimantan Gabsis Team realizes that he has a very valuable opportunity that he has been trained by Dennis Wise and Des Walker at a very young age of 14 years. Krisna doesn't want to waste this opportunity and wants to seriously practice to hone his skills.

"I hope to improve my physique and stamina while participating in the #GarudaSelect program. I also want to learn how to move properly as a winger and make the right passes,” said Krisna.

"After two months training in England, I feel its differences compared with training in Indonesia. In England, physical condition is very important and that is why physical training is very hard. The coach also pays great attention to the details of every mistake made by each player. For example, if I make a wrong movement, the coach immediately corrects me," said Krisna.

"Coach Dennis Wise, Coach Des Walker and the rest of the coaching team have really helped me. One of the things they teach me is how to make decision when I should move and do tricks to get past the opponent and when I should make the passing. The coach also really stresses the importance of movements without the ball," said Krisna.

"Here I am ready to work hard to develop my talents because I have a dream to be re-elected in the #GarudaSelect season 4 program. My dream is of course to play in a European club and I think the #GarudaSelect Program is the path to achieve that dream," said Krisna.


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