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Krisna Sulistia Hopes to be Called again to Join the 4th Generation of #GarudaSelect

Krisna Sulistia is the youngest player in the third season of #GarudaSelect squad. Still 14 years old, Krisna gained valuable experience by training under the guidance of Des Walker and Dennis Wise.

"I learned many things while in England. As a prospective professional football player I am required to be disciplined, not only in training but also in managing my diet and rest. On the matter of understanding how to play, I now understand better how an attacker makes decision in a match,” said Krisna.

"Apart from that, I also feel that my physical condition is getting stronger. I also become more confident, even though I am still 14 years old. I am no longer afraid to face older opponents," added Krisna.

According to Krisna the matches against Leeds United and Manchester City were the games that he could not forget. "Facing quality opponent in England such as Leeds United and Manchester City is a very valuable experience. It has shaped our mentality as players. I learned a lot from those matches. They showed the calmness and maturity of a young player in a match," Krisna explained.

Krisna himself hopes to be called again to participate in the fourth season of #GarudaSelect.

"I hope to be re-elected for the fourth season because I want to develop further and learn more from the coaching team. The #GarudaSelect program is a way for young Indonesian players to make dreams come true and I want to continue my dream of being re-elected for the next season. I will prepare myself well while in Indonesia, “said Krisna.

Watch again Krisna's best actions on the reruns of the #GarudaSelect match at Mola. Also enjoy the story behind the journey of the #GarudaSelect team in the Dream Chasers Series through Mola Polytron Box, Polytron TV, the website at and the Mola app.


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