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Improving physical strength and learning to be independent through #GarudaSelect Program

"It was my first experience of being away from family," said Lorenzo.

Lorenzo Berra, a player from the Como Academy team, for about six months joined 20 players from Indonesia and one from Tanzania to receive training in the third batch of the #GarudaSelect Program. According to Lorenzo, during the program he did not only get lessons about football, but also he acquired a valuable life experience by meeting new people during his stay in England.

“Personally, I really gained a lot. I grew up well there with people from different cultural backgrounds, so to say. Apart from that, I also learned to become more independent. I myself had to prepare everything. It was really my first experience of being away from family,” Lorenzo said.

"Many things that I had never done before such as washing clothes, managing my own finance and buying daily necessities. I myself was responsible for all of them.It was quite challenging but I am happy that I am able to do it well. It was a very pleasant experience," said Lorenzo.

In terms of football, according to Lorenzo, the training that he received during the program really supported his development as a player. “The practice of passing with a few touches really helped me. Players were trained how to think quickly in order to make the right decisions. I think it was one of the most important exercises I received in England," added Lolo.

“Then physically, I can feel a significant improvement. The pre-season training carried out early in the program really paid off. My body is getting much fitter and that is confirmed by my coach in Italy and by some friends. According to them, I am now bigger and stronger,” concluded Lorenzo.

Watch again Lorenzo's best actions on the rerun of the #GarudaSelect match and enjoy the story behind the #GarudaSelect team's journey in the Dream Chasers Series at Mola.

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