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Humorist Hokky Caraka: A Striker who Started his Career as a Defender

Dennis Wise saw a different potential in him so he was asked to become a striker.

Hokky Caraka is a player with hidden talents who was discovered by #GarudaSelect. At the beginning, he was registered as a center-back, but Dennis Wise saw a different potential in him so he was asked to become a striker. "We saw something in him. Hokky was very fast and when we put him in attacking line, he actually scored a hat-trick," said Wise.

"My previous coach put me at the center-back because of my big posture. However, the Garuda Select coach thinks I am more suitable to become a striker. For me, I am happy because it means I have a greater chance to score goals," said Hokky.

Hokky, who is born in Gunung Kidul, is the second child of four children in his family. Interestingly, all of the children in his family are named Hokky. "I don't know my parents’ reason, but all my siblings have the name Hokky. My brother is Hokky Zielma Puruhita Nagari, I am Hokky Caraka Bintang Briliant, my younger siblings are Hokky Syahdu Gading Masae and Hokky Nawacita Ndaru Bumi Naraya," said Hokky.

Hokky started to like and pursue football at the age of 12. His grandfather became a figure who made him fall in love and dream to become a professional football player. "Mbah (Grandfather) made me familiar with football. So, when my friends entered SSB, I also wanted to join SDB. Finally, I entered SSB Handayani then Persopi to learn football," said Hokky.

After watching the Dream Chasers #GarudaSelect program on Mola TV, Hokky has been dreaming that one day he would join the #GarudaSelect program. Bagus Kahfi has become his inspiration. "I saw the second season match against Juventus. I idolize Bagus and want to be like him. And now I can get into the team, I am so happy that I am speechless." said Hokky.

Outside the field, Hokky is known as a humorous figure. That’s why Hokky is very easy to adapt to new environments. Hokky gets along easily with anyone in the Garuda Select squad. "When he gathers with other teammates, Hokky likes to joke and make everyone laugh. However, when he is on the field, he is always serious and ready to fight to win," said Ridho Syuhada Putra.

"Hokky outside the field likes to make jokes and chat with anyone," added Fernando Pamungkas.


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