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Hokky Caraka has the talent to be a great attacker

GarudaSelect forward, Hokky Caraka has great potentials that can be further developed. "Hokky came to England a month ago and has shown a good performance so far. There is still a lot to be improved, but I think that his speed, agility and strength is his main weapon," said Garuda Select Assistant Coach Danny Holmes.

"Hokky can be a problem for the opponent's backline, but there is something he needs to fix such as to know when is the right momentum to run. Hokky also has good ball possession, good first touch, and he can stay calm when he is under pressure. It would be very helpful if Hokky can cooperate with the midfielders. However, for now, physical ability is his main asset, "continued Danny.

"Of course it will take time for Hokky to understand the movement without the ball. But I think Hokky started pretty well because it is not easy to change from a defender to an attacker. However, with the abilities he has now, we see Hokky is more suitable to play as a striker. Hokky started well in the first month and we still want to see his action again, "said Danny.

Hokky himself is ready to work hard and to follow the coach's direction for becoming a great striker. "I am aware that currently there are still many shortcomings such as when I carry the ball and when I have to decide to shoot. However, I am ready to forge myself and develop better in accordance with the direction of the coaching team here," explained Hokky.


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