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Getting Used to Train with Foreign Players, GarudaSelect Are More Confident

According to the Director of Football #GarudaSelect, Dennis Wise, the team's performance is satisfactory.

The #GarudaSelect match against Cheltenham Town U18, Friday (9/4) afternoon WIB, ended in 2-2 draw. According to the Director of Football #GarudaSelect, Dennis Wise, the team's performance was satisfactory because #GarudaSelect players showed the benefits of getting used to train with foreign players in their own team. They were able to physically clash with physically bigger and older opponents.

"In this match the players learned to face the real physical strength of English football. We could see that the Cheltenham players were bigger and of a little older than our team. I think we often competed very well in matches," said Coach Dennis.

Not only in terms of posture, Cheltenham U18 also has a better team chemistry, because as a team they have been together for a long time, participating in competition at one of the UK youth competition levels, The Football League Youth Alliance. Some of them, like Tom Chamberlain and Felix Miles who started against #GarudaSelect, have even played in the Cheltenham first team.

#GarudaSelect players were able to keep up with Cheltenham's game. They even led first through Muhammad Faiz Maulana’s goal (13 '). Cheltenham took a 2-1 lead before the break with two goals coming from set pieces, but the #GarudaSelect team was able to get back up and to score again with a header from Hokky Caraka (49 ').

"We conceded from a beautiful free kick and their second goal came from a corner. So, overall, you could say that we fought and competed physically very well. Also when we had the ball, we did play well, “ added Coach Dennis proudly.

Next match, #GarudaSelect is scheduled to face Swindon City U18. "Swindon may not play physically like Cheltenham and they may rely more on passing. That could be beneficial for us, but it will still be a tough game. Overall I am satisfied with the team's play so far, it's just that we still need to improve. especially to anticipate conceding goals,”said Coach Dennis ending the interview.

The match between #GarudaSelect vs Swindon U18 is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 19.00 WIB. The match can be watched for free via Polytron Smart TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV app and website.


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