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#GarudaSelect Training Center, World Class Facilities

Loughborough University is one of the best sports facilities in the UK.

Loughborough University in Leicestershire is the location used by the #GarudaSelect Program this year. Loughborough University is one of the best sports facilities in the UK which is also a training ground for international athletes across a wide range of sports.

According to Garuda Select's Director of Football, Dennis Wise, Loughborough University has the best facilities in the UK. The only training camp that has better facilities is the training camp of the England national team in St. George Park.

Garuda Select Physical Trainer, Jake Fitzsimmons added that the facilities at Loughborough University are very complete and adequate. The complete equipments and facilities in the fitness center or gym and the high quality of the existing ground, all of them greatly support the #GarudaSelect training program.

"This venue has world-class facilities with several different options of training grounds. To participate in a training program, players can find the best training ground," said Fitzsimmons.

According to Dustin Bramatyo, a #GarudaSelect team member who plays as a defender, up to now he had never found in Indonesia such a great training center like one at the Loughborough University. "The gym here is very complete. There are lots of fields. There are grounds with synthetic surface and there are also grounds with real grass surface. The environment is also comfortable. It is also very clean, no trash on the fields," said Dustin.

Adre Arido, the goalkeeper, has also the same opinion. " In terms of facilities, here is very good. I am very grateful that I can get adequate training. Frankly speaking, in Indonesia I have never seen a training center with so many fields like here. The facilities in the gym are so complete and the gym space is also big. The dormitory is is also near practice venue. So it's very easy if you want to practice."


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