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#GarudaSelect Team Enjoys Training in Snow

The #GarudaSelect team training this time is greeted with heavy snow that covered most of the field.

After several weeks of focused physical training, the players returned to training together on the pitch at the Loughborough University complex. The #GarudaSelect team training this time is greeted with heavy snow that covered most of the field, thus affecting the movement and pace of the ball.

Actually, the coaching team had planned to cancel training, but later they decided to continue the training. #GarudaSelect's Director of Football, Dennis Wise, realizes that that snow piles are really disturbing.

That is why Wise only provides light training so that the players could maintain their physical condition and the players can have the experience of training on a snow-covered field.

"We still instruct the players to train to keep them moving and sweating. They really enjoyed today's training session and I am happy to see the smiles on their faces," said Dennis.

"Indeed, the movement of the ball has become more difficult. The color of the ball used on the field is also changed to orange. Today's practice is for fun, so that players can still enjoy the atmosphere with the team.”

Regarding the next training material, Dennis Wise is planning to provide material that focuses more on the tactical aspect. After being forged through high-intensity physical training, the players will get more detailed direction on game tactics.

"We can see that yesterday they worked hard with running training which helped to improve their physique and stamina. Now, we are planning to give more serious direction on tactics. But with the current conditions, we have to wait. It's only a matter of time."


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